Sound and music computing



“When I moved to Denmark, my father supported my decision to leave, saying “Maybe you can work for Bang & Olufsen”. I shrugged off his words, thinking that would be a far off dream. I started my internship at Bang & Olufsen about a month ago. I had a few offers to chose from, which speaks to the openness that companies in Denmark have towards working with students. In Denmark, even as an intern, you are treated as an equal. The work-life balance is respected, and the space that is given to you really helps you grow. Everyone is really nice where I work. I have a direct supervisor, but I can talk to anyone and they’ll talk to me about what they’re doing. Even though my background is more creative, I am working within the acoustics&research team and putting my skills to use. Within this environment, I am able to learn so much about audio technology and the way we create the highest quality products on the market. In the past, I have worked a lot with spatial audio, but most of the time that was either at a small company, or of my own entrepreneurialism. This is the first time I could see my passion relating to a mass audience. I was brought on for a specific product, but other students find their projects within the scope of possibilities the companies offer. Though I’m so excited to make my mark on the audio world, since it is an internship, one gets what one puts in. I like to stay late to continue reading or converse with colleagues that are in meetings all day. It’s also great that my professors at AAU know the employees at B&O, and can give me advice on how to interview, how to look for further opportunities for growth within the company, and who to talk to. In addition to my own previous experience and areas of interest, my status as an AAU student was helpful, as B&O is accustomed to hiring AAU students or alumni. With the ongoing pandemic, work life has evolved, but we’re still working on the verge of cutting edge technology. At the B&O Innovation Lab in Struer, the Acoustics and Research team is mostly at the office, but it is also possible to work remotely. Struer is far from Copenhagen, but is a direct train ride away, and I often go to the city for business trips. The team is very international and works in English, so I feel very comfortable. I was even able to get a part time job in software quality testing to support my studies. It’s great to work in an environment where you are given the space to learn, but are also putting your skills to test on a daily basis. This isn’t just about how school-smart your are, but how to interact with colleagues, find your place within a company, and involve yourself in activities, meetings, projects, and even lunch. I hope to continue my thesis work with Bang&Olufsen and am very excited to see my product come to life some day.”


Ali Arakida Izsak, SMC STUDENT