Sound and music computing



"During semester 8 I really wanted to do an internship to get a feel for how working for a company in the industry was really like. AAU helped me get in touch with AIAIAI who were interested in a collaboration. We quickly found a couple of project themes that were interesting to both me and them, and I got a table in their office.

AIAIAI is a relatively small company. So they don’t have the resources of larger companies such as Sennheiser or GN Audio, but the atmosphere in the office was great, and I could see that my work made an actual difference. My project topic was frequency response compensation of headphones using the AIAIAI TMA-2, but I also got to follow other AIAIAI projects on the sideline, which was a great experience.

During the internship I had a weekly meeting with Adam and Christian who were my supervisors at AIAIAI. At each meeting I presented what I had done since the last meeting and they would provide feedback and advice. It was really great to be able to bounce ideas back and forth when I got stuck in a challenging part of the project.

The first step of my project was to measure the frequency response of every single TMA-2 combination. Using this data I was able to compare different combinations to get an overview of how different components interact with the sound that is heard by the listener. These measurements took a long time to collect, but on the other hand it was really rewarding. AIAIAI was able to use the data to make more precise descriptions on their website for how each combination sounds like. The second step of the project was then to create a functional prototype for the system I had envisioned. I modified a TMA-2 headphone and implemented a set of algorithms in Matlab, which measured the headphone frequency response and adjusted a set of compensation filters to compensate.

After the internship I got a student job at AIAIAI while I also worked on the thesis project in collaboration with them. The thesis project was a continuation of the internship project that build upon everything I had learnt during the internship. I had a great experience at AIAIAI and I feel like I’m well prepared to work in the industry."

Nikolaj Lerke, smc-Student