Sound and music computing


MASTER THESIS - Virtual Analog Simulation and Extensions of Plate Reverberation


In the 50s and 60s, steel plates were popularly used as a technique to add reverberation to sound. As a plate re- verb itself is quite bulky (2×1 m) and requires lots of maintenance, a digital implementation would be desirable. Currently, the available (digital) plug- ins rely solely on recorded impulse re- sponses or simple delay networks. Vir- tual Analog (VA) simulations, on the other hand, rely on a model of the ana- log effect they are simulating, resulting in a sound and ’feel’ the of the classical analog effect. In this project, a VA sim- ulation of plate reverberation is pre- sented where parameters like the posi- tions of the in- and outputs and the di- mensions of the plate can be changed while sound goes through. This results in a unique flanging and pitch bend effect, respectively, which has not yet been achieved by the current state of the art. This has been implemented into a real-time plugin of which the output sound has been reported to be enjoyable (4/5).



Silvin Willemsen, SMC STUDENT