Sound and music computing

Student Projects

Semester Project - Development of a multiplayer instrument


When designing a digital multiplayer instrument, several points have to be considered to propose an interesting new interface for musical expression. The computer-based musical instru- ment not only should be simple to play but also has to offer a certain level of complexity to musical experts. Other- wise, the instrument could risk being labeled as non-interesting. This report is aimed towards designing and de- veloping a multiplayer instrument that invites both novice and expert play- ers to jam and improvise together and share a communal experience. Despite our efforts, the actual pandemic has had some impact on the project. Nev- ertheless, this forced us to be more creative, and we developed a soft- ware and hardware environment that helped us debug and fine tune our multiplayer instrument.



Sophus Béneé Olsen, Juan Alonso Moreno, Ramon Romeu Parpal, Marco González Pérez, SMC STUDENTS