Sound and music computing

Student Projects

Semester Project - Rhythm Rangers: an evaluation of beat synchronisation skills and musical confidence


Participants’ musical confidence and beat synchronisation skills are explored before and after playing the custom made multiplayer game, Rhythm Rangers. The effect on timing variability after short-term practice (priming with a baseline test) is investigated and correlated with a pre- and post-experiment self-evaluation questionnaire focused on musical sophistication, behaviours, and confidence. The baseline test is repeated after participants have played the game in order to measure the train- ing effect. For both the test and game, participants clap along to the beat of either two or four different audio loops ranging from a quarter-note metronome, simple drum loop, syncopated drum loop, to a complex break beat. In order to conduct the experiment and play the game, custom made wearable controllers were built and the necessary software developed integrating multiple ESP32 TT-GO T-Audio micro-controller boards, the microcomputer Raspberry Pi 3, and Pure Data creating both the multiplayer game and an environment for psychological experimentation.


Francisco Rosado, Marco González , Ramon Romeu, Rasmus Kjærbo, Vatsal Guruvayurappan, SMC STUDENTS