Sound and music computing


The opportunity that has broaden my horizons

“I hold a bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Systems and decided to expand my future and knowledge choosing a master that merges sound, audio and music, and then, SMC was the answer to my ambitions. Not only a very well structure program (which I recommend taking a look to those coming from non-engineer fields) but also competent professors from all areas of the audio world will make of you a true and remarkable audio engineer, outstanding from the mean of engineers. The practical approach of the subjects will allow you to exert the freedom to choose the field you want to focus on; could it be in sound processing, a mini project about designing an equalizer using random parameters? a machine to make a normal conversation to have a whispered version? Or a machine that tells the key of a song…? You will have total freedom in this sense, granting you the opportunity to develop yourself in the direction you consider and like the most.

Having this said and remarking this focus on mini projects, you will have gained the expected abilities the working world is searching for. You will be able to get by with almost any project a company is developing in audio, videogames, sound… Companies also search for people who have made practical projects rather than proving to have a theoretical background, and that is why SMC have led me to be able to choose even the company I would like to work for most. You will be an option for relevant audio enterprises such as Jabra, GN, Sony, Apple..among others.

Last but not least, this master gives you the opportunity to make an internship abroad, which is highly beneficial to me, as I like to travel and having this opportunity will also boost my CV.

The world of music and sound and infinite possibilities will be at your feet.”