Sound and music computing

Student Testimonials


"My name is Jorge, and I hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I am self-taught in music, and I chose Aalborg University because it offers a great way to  combine technology with music and sound. The courses are structured in a very practical way where you are able to learn by working with other students with different backgrounds on projects with practical applications. If you choose AAU, you will be assigned a "group room" in which your team and you can be creative and work as much as you want (even eat and play around), also, you will get access to plenty of labs where you can develop your ideas and projects. The faculty staff is very professional and well-educated.

Among the staff of the SMC Master, you can find professors from all around the world (Italian, German, American) which in my opinion makes it possible to get a fuller experience and broaden your perspective. In addition to the staff, the fellow students are also outstandingly nice and caring as well as professional when it comes to teamwork. The SMC Master broadens your knowledge in sound and technology, and it prepares you to face some interesting math and programming along the courses. Not everything is studies at Aalborg University tough; the university bar is open every other Friday and many different activities occur during the year (pub crawling, conventions, seminars, etc.). Also, Denmark is a great place to live with a lot of parties and beautiful places to visit. If in doubt you are always welcome to come and visit the facilities and meet the professors in person.

I’m looking forward to meet the future SMC students!"