Sound and music computing


The master that conquered my passions

“Since I was a kid, my world has revolved around two hobbies:

computers and music. It all started with a 16k ZX Spectrum and a Casio PT-20, and over thirty years down the line I’ve ended up with a MacBook, a ton of Arduinos and Raspberries, a DAW and a couple of synths.

When I heard about the “Sound and Music Computing” master programme, it became love at first sight. The programme combined my two passions and, after giving it much thought, I decided to apply for it, even if that meant taking a leave of absence from my job.

The lectures cover a wide range of topics, related to music and sound: from audio analysis and synthesis to instrument and musical interface building, machine learning or psychoacoustics and music perception. Each course involves a project, where students have total freedom: we can be as theoretical or practical as we want; thus the projects can be based on hard math or be totally creative and artistic, reinforcing the subjects learned along the lectures.

The staff is outstanding, both on a technical and human level. Teachers establish a close relationship encouraging and helping the students. In addition, we have access to the university labs, equipped with the latest virtual reality equipment, anechoic chambers, recording studio, 3D printers and laser cutting machines, motion capture suits...

In short, five stars out of five, would recommend.”