Sound and music computing

Student Testimonials


"I chose this programme because I wanted to be able to explore my artistic and musical ideas, realise them from a technological point of view and eventually put them into practice. Computing technologies make it possible to explore sound in ways physically impossible, and enable interaction or ways to perform with these sounds. On this programme, you are welcome to bring your creative ideas, and it provides expert and enthusiastic guidance and supervision to help you realise and further develop your ideas. Through a necessary balance between theoretical and practical lectures, you will be exposed to the latest technologies which will give you the tools you need to develop your own systems for software and sound applications and design your own musical instruments. Whether it is for commercial, social or artistic reasons, I would recommend this programme to anyone interested in human interaction with technology because here, you will explore it through a sonic and musical perspective. And it is acknowledged that music and technology have always been so closely related and that one has definitely contributed to the other."