Sound and music computing

Student Testimonials


"I hold a bachelor’s degree in Medialogy, so I decided to find a master’s programme with even stronger focus on my passion – digital sound and music. I was familiar with the SMC-programme beforehand, because many of the same professors teach at Medialogy, and thus, I knew that it was a high-level programme no matter which sound subject you’d choose.

In the beginning, I was a little nervous that there may be too many subjects which were irrelevant in relation to where I wanted to go, but after the 1st semester, I realised that I did in fact need all the courses. The programme is flexible in the sense that you yourself decide how you utilise the different subjects, but there are of course general instructions that you need to follow.

The programme is centred on sound, but at the same time, it offers a wide range of subjects from the human perception of sound and music to pure signal processing of sound. However, you need to learn about both these areas no matter what kind of job within sound and music you wish for after graduation.

I chose this programme because I believe it can help me achieve the kind of profile I want. There is a great variety in why students have chosen the SMC-programme, but this is only an advantage; the fact that we have students with such different backgrounds makes way for very diverse projects, and you learn to co-operate despite different aims and methods."