Sound and music computing


Start working on audio-projects

"After finishing my BA in computer science, I wasn't sure what to do after that.I knew that I didn't want to do the masters, at least not right away, so I tooka year off. During that year, I discovered and applied for the SMC programme.

Since my early teens, I've been obsessed with synthesizers and music technology, so when I found a master's that combined computer science with audio it seem like the perfect choice.

Later, when I started at SMC at AAU Copenhagen, I was pleasantly surprised that the number of students is quite small, which meant that I got to know all my fellow students on the first day. For the same reason, the teachers have been quite approachable.

The courses at SMC give you all the basic knowledge you need to start working on audio-related projects. Like all other programmes at AAU, SMC uses the problem-based learning (PBL) teaching method, which means that you are working on projects all the time. This fits me perfectly since I love coming up with my own stuff and managing my own time.

Another surprise was that it is quite common for SMC'ers at AAU to contribute to the research community by publishing conference papers. Previously I had thought that only feasible for Ph.D. students to publish research. During my years I published three papers and attended three conferences, one of them online.
Attending conferences with your teachers and fellow students is a fantastic experience, and you get to meet and talk to researchers from all over the world.

Now that I've graduated I'm still figuring out what to do. I spent a bit of time after completing my thesis working on an installation for the danish music museum in collaboration with AAU. I hope to get a position at the university either a Ph.D. or as a research assistant. Meanwhile, I'm working on starting my own company developing audio plug-ins."

Pelle Juul