Sound and music computing

Student Testimonials


“The choice of AAU and the Sound and Music Computing (SMC) Master came naturally to me, since I used my three years on the Medialogy bachelor specialising in sound in each of our semester projects. Music is a big part of my life, and I am very interested in learning more about the technical aspects of sound production which can be applied in many fields such as movies, games or in music. My core interest lies in how to convey spatial sound in immersive Virtual Reality experiences. For this, AAU-Cph (i.e. the Multisensory Lab) offers some cool facilities, such as binaural recording equipment and a 64-channel Wave Field Synthesis system.

I appreciate and enjoy our relation to the professors at AAU. Besides teaching us very hard and technical material in a relatively pedagogical approach, they also consider each student and their abilities when teaching. I feel that we (the students) have a very friendly and down-to-earth relationship with the professors, and they are always nice and ready to answer all sorts of questions.

Another aspect of AAU and SMC that I really like is group work. I benefit from working in groups with students from the Medialogy Master, and thereby we work across study programmes, theories, and paradigms. We take advantage of our different competences where I use my learned skills and knowledge of sound production together with their graphical and programming skills. In addition, interesting conclusions and new visions and questions arise when we work with triangulation and theories from our respective educations.

The university and the professors have exceptional contacts to the industry, and also to other universities around the world, which provides potential for internships or studying abroad, which I especially look forward to on the 9th semester.”