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AAU Copenhagen

The Danish capital

The Danish capital

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and has approximately 1.2 million inhabitants. As a student at Aalborg University Copenhagen (AAU-Cph), you can enjoy the many cultural and spare time activities that Copenhagen has to offer.

AAU-Cph is located in the south-western part of central Copenhagen known as ‘Sydhavnen’ (South Harbour). You can easily go to AAU-Cph from anywhere in the greater Copenhagen area by bicycle, s-train or bus.

As a student at AAU-Cph, you can influence the study environment and the academic and social student activities, e.g., the Student Society, academic networks or creative groups. Along with the group work, the extracurricular activities can give you a good academic and social network.

At AAU-Cph, you and your fellow students have access to meeting facilities, well-equipped laboratories, library and a canteen with healthy meals. Around campus, you will find small oases and lounge areas where you can meet up with your fellow students and relax or study for the next lecture.

The campus is located at: A.C. Meyers Vænge 15, 2450 Copenhagen SV, Denmark

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