Sound and music computing



"Last semester, I did my semester project in cooperation with Oticon, who specialise in high-quality hearing aids. Oticon wanted student cooperation for an innovation project with a student who had the skills and competences you obtain at Sound and Music Computing. I accepted. Throughout the semester, I worked as idea- and software developer on the project from its tentative beginnings to international implementation. During the project, I always had access to expert guidance in order to ensure the validity of the project as more than ‘merely’ a student project. This was very motivating for me.

This semester, I am an intern with Brüel & Kjær, a leading company within sound and vibration measurement and analysis. At Brüel & Kjær, I work with various innovation projects concerning everything from implementation of sound quality algorithms to virtual reality integration in simulation of sound environments. As an intern with Brüel & Kjær, I gain experience within an interesting and study-related field as well as valuable insight into what it takes to work in a private company."

kasper duemose lund, smc-student